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Elevate your style and keep your keys organised with these stunning personalised round acrylic keyrings. Designed to impress, these keyrings make the perfect gift, party favor, or cherished keepsake.

Each keyring is meticulously crafted with a colorful background of your choice, beautifully complemented by your name in white font (unless otherwise specified). With a sturdy lobster clip and an added touch of charm from a tassel in a random vibrant hue, these keyrings are both functional and fashionable. Embrace individuality and showcase your unique taste with a personalized acrylic keyring that stands out from the crowd.

These keyrings are personalised with high-quality permanent vinyl.

Dimensions of keyring:

* 5cm in diameter

* 9cm length

Please contact me if you are after a large quantity so I can arrange for special order.

Personalised keyrings